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Meet the team

Peter Mee Headshot

Peter Mee

Peter is a fourth generation farmer, moving to Northamptonshire in 1994 with his wife Zoe to grow the business. Always a ‘YES’ man, Peter never turns down a challenge, and the Blueberries are definitely his biggest project yet!
Zoe Mee Headshot

Zoe Mee

Riding horses from a young age, Zoe has always been a country girl at heart. Now managing the finances for a farming partnership and two limited companies, she has plenty to keep her on her toes. The biggest challenge, keeping Peter from saying yes to any more projects!
Charlotte Foster Headshot

Charlotte Foster

Packhouse Manager and Bookkeeper
With a background in bookkeeping and growing up on a farm, Charlotte joined Lyveden farm for a summer and never left, finding the job full of variety and thinking on your feet. As our packhouse manager, Charlotte has a key eye for quality and keeps up morale, however tight the deadline.
Charlie Mee Headshot

Charlie Mee

Arable Operations Manager
In charge of the arable farming, Charlie is passionate about improving modern farming, giving back to the land and improving efficiency. Full of new ideas, and always up on the latest machinery, Charlie likes to challenge the status quo and is driven to build a future for the farm.
Emily Mee Heashot

Emily Mee

Business Development Manager
Although qualified as a Chartered Accountant, food has won the day! As an absolute food lover, Emily is passionate about reducing food waste and is applying this passion to the blueberry waste produced on site. Using the ripest fruit which the supermarkets will not take, Emily is helping to turn these little superfruits into a variety of products that can be enjoyed all year round, and hopes you’ll find something your tastebuds love!
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